"… an effective therapeutic group first provides a specific arena where patients can freely interact with each other, then help them to recognize and understand what is dysfunctional in their interactions, and finally allow them to change these non-adaptive patterns."

I. Yalom

Group therapy connects people who have a common problem. It allows them to share their experience and get support from each other. It makes it possible for them to realize that they are not alone with their experiences.

Group sessions give access to different points of view and allow the participants to learn from others, receive feedback and support. Each participant brings his or her history and character to the group. The experience of the impact of an individual on the group and vice versa helps to reduce the tension resulting from the fact, that we are both similar and different from other people.

The work consists of an intense, emotional experience, combined with understanding. The group creates conditions for observation and reflection on oneself, getting feedback, experimenting with new ways of being, experiencing, expressing and contacting. Thanks to a better understanding of ourselves, we can live more in accordance with our needs and values, we can learn to understand and respect others.

Although at first the group may seem a bit intimidating, many people think that once they overcome this problem, they really enjoy sharing experiences and meeting other people.

The absolute principle in the group is that all the information disclosed in the group is considered confidential and private. Therefore, people who have social or professional contacts with each other cannot participate in such a group.

In the group therapy, two therapists meet with the group of no more than twelve people.

For those who are interested, a 50-minute consultation with the psychotherapists.

TAKE PART in the development and therapeutic group for parents
"Living with children is not about what we commonly call upbringing. The quality of the individual and common life of adults is decisive. Adult life has more influence on children than any conscious attempts and educational methods. Children have the right to live with adults who do not pretend to be over-humans. "

Jesper Juul

It is intended for people who struggle with relationships with their relatives and children. It is a good place to analyse these difficulties, see them from different perspective, take care of yourself, and thus improve your relationship with your child or children and spouse.

A 8-month close group. The availability of the group depends on its current number, subscriptions are in progress.

Meetings on Mondays from 6.30 pm to 8:30 pm. Start in October 2018.

Group led by: Anna Kowalska-Żelewska

A graduate of psychology at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan. She completed a two-year training in psychological education, group training and a psychosocial skills workshop. She gained knowledge and experience in Poland and abroad, including in the United States and Finland.

Currently, she is training in individual and group therapy at the Psychoeducation Laboratory in Warsaw. She provides an individual and group psychotherapy. She works under the supervision of a certified supervisor of the Polish Psychological Association.

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