"Loss and disappointment are an inseparable element of every human relationship. We all want something from our loved ones. However, they only have three options: they can immediately give us what we want, put it off or disappoint us. They cannot always want the same thing we want. And even if they would like to fulfil our wishes, they may have no possibility to do it. Conflict between desire and reality is inscribed in human existence. We avoid this conflict and the pain of life using defence mechanisms, and this in turn brings us suffering. Instead of facing the reality, we run away from it as we are unable to cope effectively with it."

Jon Frederickson

The family therapy aims to find ways for family members to communicate and help each other. The help is not about looking for the guilty ones, but about finding reasons for the problems and ways of solving them. The therapist works with families who experience problems, learning the opinions and views of each of its members to understand the dynamics between them and thus help them to communicate better.

Family therapy is indicated when the whole family is in a difficult situation. This may be the case if one or more of its members have a serious problem that affects the rest of the family.

Family therapy is suitable for children and adults at any age. Problems that may be encountered by children, adolescents or adults are being addressed. Sometimes these problems occur from generation to generation.

Family psychotherapy always starts with a 75-minute consultation. Sessions usually take place once a month. Treatment may last from several meetings to over a year, depending on the common arrangements.

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