"A secure bond is the launching pad for us to go out and explore the unknown and grow as human beings."

Sue Johnson

Couple therapy can help when partners feel unable to communicate with each other, when they have communication problems in their relationship. Sometimes, they report a growing distance or a sense of overcontrol by the partner. There appears a ‘blame game’ or a feeling that their relationship has burned out, and there is no more connection between them. Sometimes some specific events, such as betrayal, serious illness of one partner or another life crisis may constitute the impulse to seek help. 

Partners with the help of a therapist can analyse the difficulties in the relationship and look for solutions. This type of work involves focusing on the individual experience of each partner, searching for the patterns that occur in the interaction between partners, and changing them into a more flexible and more advantageous for the relationship.

Four empirical researches (Johnson & Co., 1999) has supported the effectiveness of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), showing that 70-75% of couples move from distress to recovery and about 86-90% show significant improvements. These are the best results of any couple therapy. Evidence consistently shows that these positive effects last over time and some of them indicate significant progress after treatment.

It is intended for people at any age, regardless of whether they are married, they are in a partner relationship, in a mixed or same-sex relationship, living together or separately.

Couple psychotherapy is always preceded by the first, joint consultation lasting 75 minutes, then individual meetings with the therapist follow. After that we meet together again, to determine the most optimal way of help.

Sessions initially take place once a week, and during the course of therapy, every two or three weeks. Sessions usually take place every two or three weeks. The entire process may last from few to a dozen or so months, depending on previous arrangements.

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