Being the “best you can be” is really only possible when you are deeply connected to another. Splendid isolation is for planets, not people.”

Sue Johnson

Many couples considering psychotherapy experience different challenges. This may be a lack of access to a qualified therapist in the place of residence, lack of childcare for the duration of the session or the need to undergo therapy in the native language when living abroad. Psychotherapy using the Internet may be the solution.

Online sessions follow the same process as face-to-face appointments and the same results can be expected. Consistency and commitment to the process are the key to successful online couple therapy. To get the most benefits, it is recommended that both partners are in the same place during online sessions. However, occasional three-way video meetings can also be effective.

Online couple therapy is also preceded by the first, joint consultation lasting 75 minutes, then individual meetings with the therapist follow. After that we meet together again, to determine the optimal way of help.
Sessions initially take place once a week, and during the course of therapy, every two or three weeks. The entire process may last from a few to a dozen or so months, depending on previous arrangements.

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