"The relationship between mother and child is paradoxical and somehow tragic. It requires possibly the most intense love from the woman, and this love should help the child to break free to become a fully independent individual. "

Erich Fromm

Pregnancy can be a time of great excitement, joy and expectation. The childbirth is an event that changes the present life forever. It is a time of radical physical, biological and social changes, previously unknown challenges, the creation of a new identity, adopting to a new role.

This time may bring an opportunity for positive personal development, but may also evoke negative feelings, cause old mental scars to open and worsen the well-being.

At the workshops, we will reflect how important for the internal world is the fact of being pregnant.  What can bring the mother closer to her baby after childbirth, and what can distance her from her child. How the mother's past experience can facilitate or hinder her seeing, understanding and reflecting of her child.

Relationships between the child and the parents, especially with the mother and the immediate environment have a significant impact on his or her behaviour and the attitudes he will adopt in the future. According to the researchers on the theory of human attachement, the process of its creation takes place everywhere, in universal way and independent of the culture. For the first 8 months of life, an infant is naturally oriented on building a relationship. This is a special period of development that is worth considering. After this time, creating it is still possible, but involves more efforts.

TAKE PART in the one-day workshop for the future or current mothers

They are intended for women who:

✔ want to look at their attachment style, ideas about the future child and motherhood
✔ already have experience in building relationships with the child and want to expand their self-awareness in an empathetic atmosphere.

The meeting will be an opportunity to acquire information and broaden knowledge about the psychological phenomena occurring in the mother-child pair. We will show future mothers that by undertaking various activities and adopting certain attitudes at particular stages of the child development, the relationship between mother and child can develop and evolve in a good or unsatisfactory direction.

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