"Therapy is not a time to talk about everything and nothing. It is a time when, with the help of a therapist, we are supposed to look into our inner world to see in ourselves the tendencies and desires we have denied. The therapist will help us to realize the strategies that we unconsciously use to hide from the world and from ourselves. And then he will encourage us to come out of the hiding."
Jon Frederickson

Individual therapy aims to focus on recognizing, accepting, understanding, expressing and overcoming negative and contradictory feelings, and suppressed emotions. This serves to improve the patient's interpersonal experiences and relationships. It helps the patient understand how the emotions suppressed earlier influence present decisions, behaviour and relationships.

The sessions aim also to help those who know and understand the beginnings of their social problem, but are unable to overcome them on their own. By discussing previous experiences and emotions, patients learn to analyse and solve current problems and change their behaviour in present relationships.

Individual psychotherapy is always preceded by a one-time consultation lasting 50 minutes, which allows the therapist to understand the problems and situation of the person. This way the patient can be offered the best form of help, tailored to his or her needs and capabilities.

The next sessions are focused around the patient's needs. They take place once or twice a week. The whole process may last from few to several dozen months, depending on previous arrangements.

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