“That's the thing about distance: It either gives you time to move on from someone, or it makes you realize just how much you need them.”

Estelle Maskame

Therapy using the Internet is an opportunity for those for whom it is difficult to access it for various reasons. It can be used by people whose mobility is limited, e.g. due to illness or distance, from a place where professional help can be obtained. It is a great facilitation for absorbed, busy or frequent travelers - we gain access to effective help at a convenient place and time of the day.

In terms of the process, it is very much the same as face to face therapy. It is always preceded by a one-time consultation lasting 50 minutes, which allows the therapist to understand the problems and situation of the person. This way the patient can be offered the best form of help, tailored to his or her needs and capabilities.

The next sessions are focused around the patient's needs. They take place once or twice a week. The whole process may last from few to several dozen months, depending on previous arrangements.

How to start?

• Consultation session at a convenient time is scheduled.
• Pre-payment for the first session is made - usually via bank transfer or Dotpay system.
• Payment for subsequent meetings can be made after each session.
• By clicking on the invitation from Mentalia Pracownia, "adding to Skype contacts" takes place, thanks to which online meetings and conversations will be possible.
• At an agreed date we establish a video-call.
• If you need an invoice or confirmation, we agree on the method of delivery of respective documents (by e-mail or traditional mail, in the case of foreign letters, the patient bears the shipping costs).

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